Aleksandra Mir

Bursting the art bubble

The Irish Times, Dublin, Jan 2005
By Aidan Dunne

20 Jan - 12 Mar 2005
Project Art Space, Temple Bar, 39 East Essex Street, Dublin - Ireland

... One of the most fascinating segments of Communism is a fold-out print based on Jim Fitzpatrick's original Che Guevara poster. The reverse of the sheet features an interview between the notably quick-witted Fitzpatrick and Aleksandra Mir tracing the tangled history of the iconic image, and, incidentally, providing an insight into the encounter between two generations of political activists. Fitzpatrick's motivation in making and promoting his work was idealistic. It was taken from a photograph by a Cuban photographer, "Korda", and the account of its progress is engrossing. The final irony is that after his death Korda's family sold the rights to a fashion company. It is now applied to expensive garments made in Honduras. Where, Mir asks, does that leave Fitzpatrick? "On the outside looking in, where I've always been." He also exemplifies the rubric that Susan Kelly cites on political art: The only way to make political art is never to know where the arts ends and the politics begins.