Aleksandra Mir


SHANGHAI—A local re-creation of my 2009 work VENEZIA (All places contain all others) on the invitation by Maurizio Cattelan for the YUZ Museum and the exhibition, the Artist is Present, opening 10 October 2018.

VENICE—1 million postcards (100 originals in a print run of 10.000) were created as free giveaways to the general public 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, 2009.

Images of waterways from around the world were sourced from a commercial image bank and a graphic designer collaborated on the layouts. In the original, 100 originals were printed in a run of 10,000 making for a total of 1 million cards. Here, 50 motives have been printed in a run of 2,000 making for a total run of 100,000 cards that are given away for free during the show.

The public completes the work like pollinating bees, spreading them by every means of transport and around the world. The notion of Shanghai makes itself known, both as a local place with solid traditions and as a conglomerate of foreign influence that keeps it in constant state of transformation. Politics as pollution rather than border control.

See VENEZIA, 2009